Who Am I?

I am The One Who will succeed by not giving up. 

I will lose weight by tracking my food and exercising. I wish to be thinner and stronger.  I will revisit how I used to take better care of myself – pouring over magazines and trying different hair styles, giving myself pedicures, manicures, and facials, taking my multivitamin, allowing myself downtime to read or take a bubble bath. I will be a better mom, daughter, wife, etc. if I start making more me time.

I will devote more time to Bible study and spend more time helping my church and volunteering at the local food pantry. It’s hard to have any negative thoughts when you are focusing on others and helping the less fortunate.

I will devote more time to family fun nights and date nights. We started yesterday by my husband and I going consignment sale shopping, out to eat at a Mexican Restaurant, Wal-mart, and later took our eighteen-year-old with us to look at Christmas lights.




I feel like I have the same hardships as most people. I have the stress of raising two teenage boys, not feeling appreciated, enough money to pay the bills, but not enough to live where I don’t have to worry so much about money (if that makes sense), and I love sweets and eating, so I deal with the constant inner battle of wanting to eat right. Sometimes, I hit the mark and make good choices and eat right, then other times I completely blow it. I make way too many excuses for myself, when I really need to have the Nike brand attitude and simply Just Do It!

What am I looking for?

Things I want for myself: I would like to lose 40 pounds, get stronger, and leaner. I would love to pay off our bills and travel more. I love the job I have, but would love to supplement that income by winning more sweepstakes or by finding a summer job that I would like. I would like to join yoga or zumba classes after my neck heals. I want to volunteer more at our church and to find more service projects for our community. I want to grow closer to GOD and let others see my light. I want to read more books and magazines. I’d love to take more college classes. I want to always strive to be a better wife, daughter, cousin, aunt, coworker, educator …… better self in general. As our dogs pass, I want to rescue more dogs from animal shelters.

Day 7: Skinny Jeans Please

The outfit I’d most like to fit back into is my faded skinny jeans with holes in them that I liked to wear with a black sweater with the shoulders cutout. It was simple and sexy, but does not look like that when I wear it now LOL

I’ve kept it because it’s one of the more stylish outfits that I own.

I would love to surprise my husband by wearing it and actually looking good in it.


Chapter 1: What have I lost?

I used to be young, thin, & sexy. I use to play basketball, volleyball, karate, and did yoga.

I was shy, quiet, but likable.

I used to not have a muffin top and did not have to hide under baggy clothes.

Now, the stresses of life show with my jiggly tummy, arms, and thunder thighs. I look like I ate my former self.

I look in the mirror and do not recognize myself.

The change starts now. Time to shed this self and become new again.


The beginning of my journey

I am 5’8″ and weigh 197 lbs. I would like to weigh 155 lbs. I feel this is a good weight for me. My biggest struggles are I love sweets and I don’t really like to exercise. I do like walking my dogs, swimming, and yoga though. I was thin through grade school and high school. In high school, I weighed 130 lbs which was good for me then. I can go good for a couple of months and lose weight, but then I just kind of stop being healthy again. I really lack motivation although I am tired of being fat and seeing the fat roll hang over my pants or my thunder thighs rubbing together. I look in the mirror and think this isn’t me, though it has been for years. I want to change. My oldest son is very encouraging and is into health and nutrition. My husband is I guess you would say realistic and knows usually after a month or two, I quit. I want to lose my jiggly arms, spare tire, thunder thighs, and fat face. I’m hoping this time I will be inspired to stick with it.